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The original Virginia Metalcrafters company had a long history which began in 1890 when a gentleman named William Loth started the Waynesboro Stove Company.  In the mid-1900’s the company began producing some of the finest brasswork in the world.  Producing historic reproduction items for The Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, Historical Charleston, Old Sturbridge Village, Colonial Williamsburg and Historical Newport they became well known around the world for the fine quality of the items which they produced.  Unfortunately, years later the company had to shut it’s doors, leaving behind a long tradition of rich history.

~ excerpt from the 2005 Virginia Metalcrafters catalog ~
Since 1890, the Virginia Metalcrafters hallmark has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship and design.  This longstanding pursuit of excellence has been  handed down from generation to generation at our company.  From well-appointed homes to corporate boardrooms or the White House, the unique Virginia Metalcrafters products are recognized and admired throughout America.

Over the past 115 years, Virginia Metalcrafters has evolved into an undisputed leader in the design and manufacturing of hand-cast, hand-finished gifts, garden accessories  lighting fixtures, lamps and fireplace equipment.  The process begins with conceptual drawings from which a hand-carved master pattern is created.  This pattern is used to create a sand molde into which molten metal is poured.  All Virginia Metalcrafters products are distinctly designed and hand-shaped by world-class craftsman.  In our design studio in Waynesboro, Virginia, the Virginia Metalcrafters team creates the Company’s exclusive products, including over 60 new and unique designs in this catalog.

Each Virginia Metalcrafters piece receives the same discerning attention to meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite detail whether it’s a presentation box for world leaders, a reproduction for a priceless museum piece or a candlestick for a bride.

Virginia Metalcrafters – a tradition of fine craftsmanship and design since 1890.

(this was the same year the company went out of business)

The Rebirth of Virginia Metalcrafters is coming in 2014.  We hope you will join us for another 100 years of high-quality craftsmanship and timeless designs.

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